Potential Magazine

BFA New Media & Design Capstone Project

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Potential Magazine is a lifestyle magazine aimed at teenagers. The concept of the magazine is that teens are capable of achieving much more than the stereotypes that the media has placed upon them. Magazines geared towards teenagers are often focused on celebrity drama, "How to Interpret Your Crush's Texts" articles and beauty tips that leave them feeling inadequate. I wanted to create a contrast to this by making a magazine of empowering substance and useful information for people around the ages of 15-19..

This magazine features unique graphics that break the mold from what a typical magazine looks like. Bold colors and strong design tie the magazine together into a cohesive, visually enticing format that is as compelling to look at as it is to read.

I have written each of the articles and chosen to include important subjects that teenagers need to know, but do not hear as often as they should. Topics such as cooking and organization set the bar for teenagers to be responsible for themselves, while sections featuring people who accomplished great things when they were teenagers inspires teens to rise above the poor perception society has on their age group.

The goal of Potential Magazine is that through the use of strong graphics and interesting topics, teenagers will be interested in the material and feel empowered to achieve great things while they are young.

Full magazine below. Click to view in full screen.

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