Neon Light Gif


Gif illustrated and animated using Photoshop to coincide with the Mental Health Disorders article in my Potential Magazine.

O Little Town Video

A short video I made in Adobe Photoshop and After Effects of my own watercolor painting to encourage people to donate to refugee crisis relief efforts around Christmastime.

Photoshop and After Effects

Winter 2016

Painting Process Film

Final Project for a Time Based Media course. The assignment was to create a film that captures the essence of a specific space. I chose to portray the desk in my art studio by chronicling my painting process. I chose to keep the imagery simple and soft, and added a quiet guitar melody. Music by Nick Matthews.

Adobe Premier Pro

Fall 2016

Bird Portrait Composite and Gif


A composite of watercolor birds and self portraits that create a series of images. I then turned these images into a GIF

Watercolor and Adobe Photoshop

Fall 2016

The Last Battle Kinetic Typography

Kinetic typography of a passage from The Last Battle, the final book in the Chronicles of Narnia series. I used a simple greyscale color scheme to challenge myself to only use movement to portray emotion.

Adobe After Effects

Fall 2016