Potential Magazine



I decided to take on the role of being the writer, designer, photographer, and editor of my very own magazine for my BFA capstone project. Potential Magazine is a lifestyle magazine aimed at teenagers. The concept of the magazine is that teens are capable of achieving much more than the stereotypes that the media has placed upon them. Magazines geared towards teenagers are often focused on celebrity drama, "How to Interpret Your Crush's Texts" articles and beauty tips that leave them feeling inadequate. I wanted to create a contrast to this by making a magazine of empowering substance and useful information for people around the ages of 15-19.

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Mind the Matter is a statistics-based campaign to educate the public about mental illnesses. The name Mind the Matter is a play on words of the adage, "mind over matter" with "Matter" representing brain matter, reminding us to pay attention to what goes on inside our heads.

The subway poster series is designed to be fun and colorful as a way to make mental illness a topic that is inviting to talk about. Many mental health campaigns are very clinical looking, adding to the feeling that mental health is something that should not be discussed openly. The hope is that these posters would educate the public and make mental illness a topic that is mores socially acceptable to discuss. 

The living statistic is another way to create discussion about mental illness, as well as to illustrate the personal experiences of those who participate. Through the living statistics, people can better understand what is most hurtful or helpful to say to someone who is coping with a mental illness, as well as to see the thought process of a mentally ill person.


Downtown Greensboro Inc.

Downtown Greensboro Inc. is a nonprofit that works to increase economic investment in downtown Greensboro, as well as promote local businesses and downtown events. I worked as a graphic designer and marketing intern and my duties include creating on-brand in-house graphics, making logos and graphics for downtown businesses, photographing events, and managing Downtown Greensboro's Instagram page.


Motion Graphics


Kinetic Typography from a passage of CS Lewis's book, The Last Battle, part of the Chronicles of Narnia series.

Short video of my painting process. Made using Premier Pro.