Savannah, GA Part 2

My cousin, Ali, and I took a road trip to Savannah last Summer and I'm just now blogging about it! Read about Part 1 if you haven't already!

Wormsloe Historic Site


Something about Spanish Moss, man. On my cousin and I's last day in Savannah we drove to Wormsloe, a historic site outside Savannah. Apparently there's a museum on site and some running trails that I'm sure are beautiful, but we were just there for the trees. Theres a mile long archway of glorious live oaks right at the entrance. This is perfect for photos or just sight-seeing. You don't have to get out of the car to apprecitate it. 


Painted this a few months after our trip.


If you're coming to take photos, I recommend getting there early. Not only will the light be prettiest, but you won't have to deal with as many cars in the background.

Coastal Georgia Botanical Garden
at the Historical Bamboo Farm

Our final stop was to the lovely botanical gardens maintained by the college of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at the University of Georgia. I am all about some flowers and leaves so this was the place for me.

sav edit-3469.jpg

There are several gardens each broken up by color of flower. The plants looked relatively young so I would love to see how beautiful the gardens are in a few years when everything is past their awkward teen years.

sav edit-3499.jpg
sav edit-3519.jpg
sav edit-3817.jpg

Okay so some Jim Jam trivia: I LOVE greenhouses. Seriously they're the coolest things and have the prettiest light and I kinda want to get married in one. This greenhouse was solely for orchids, so everything in these pics is some species of orchid.

sav edit-3658.jpg

There was a really sweet old man in the greenhouse tending to the plants. I really regret not getting a pic with him. He said his favorite orchids were the tiny, unimpressive ones. He was so excited that we were interested in his plants and probable would have talked to us for hours if he could have.

sav edit-3688.jpg
sav edit-3738.jpg
sav edit-3754.jpg

Southern home GOALS. I would love to look out of my sunroom and see cascading Spanish moss. Anyone with me on this???

sav edit-3796.jpg

My third day with my telephoto lens and I already think National Geographic should take me on staff. I mean if I could shoot a dragonfly I could probably shoot some rare Zebra in Antartica, right?

sav edit-3874.jpg
sav edit-3867.jpg

And thats it for Savannah! Next post I'm getting into some real nitty gritty stuff. Gonna talk about feelings and whatnot. Stay tuned!

XOXO, Gossip Girl

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