First Blog Post!! Savannah, GA Part 1

Memories from last summer's trip to Savannah, Georgia

My cousin, Ali and I have started a fun tradition of visiting a hip southern for a few days every summer. 2015 was Asheville with our families, in 2016 we kicked off our duo expedition with Charleston, and last summer we landed in Savannah. 

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This was my first big excursion as a college grad. I actually submitted my last undergrad assignment EVER, a final paper for my online literature class, the first night in our hotel room.  

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Gotta love the cobblestone streets. We also discovered that they have some TREACHEROUS stairs that lead from the main part of downtown to the waterfront. Not for the faint of heart or people wearing heels. Great for building quad strength, however.

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This was my first outing with my new camera upgrade so I occasionally went into wildlife photographer mode.

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Ali and her matcha latte during our lunch stop at
The Collins Quarter. This place is super cute and trendy and if you're a foodie you have to go!

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It's safe to say that these vintage thrift store flower shorts are my favorite article of clothing. This isn't the last time you'll be seeing them in this blog. I got them at Design Archives in Greensboro, NC! Top from Forever 21 and necklace from some really cute boutique in Savannah whose name I can't remember!! I didn't know I would be bloggin' about the trip so I didn't make notes of where we went. 

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Savannah is unlike any city I'd ever been to in America because there are no laws against carrying alcoholic drinks out in public. It's this Mimosa loving lady's dream. Getting a Togosa (to-go mimosa) from the Ordinary Pub is a must.
This made for some really fun nights where people were dancing to live music in the middle of a blocked off street in the heart of downtown. Apparently this is a common occurrence? Somehow I found myself dancing with a wannabe cowboy. We're talking the whole nine yards: hat and boots and requesting the band play Cotton Eyed Joe or something. Not a great dancer. I don't remember how I ended up dancing with him but I'm going to blame Ali.
Speaking of adult beverages, if you drink, you MUST go to Jen and Friends for some really weird martinis. We're talking seriously novelty drinks. Martini flavors include Rice Krispie Treat, PB&J, Fun Dip, and Gummy Shark. I decided to try the Lucky Charms flavored martini. What an experience! No regrets, y'all.


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