My philosophy

My personality influences my work. I like for my work to appear effortless and natural, but I know that it takes effort to achieve that look. I’m unique because I allow my understanding of art, design, and photography to influence every creative undertaking I find myself working on. For example, as a photographer, I’m inspired by creative shapes and patterns light or architecture can bring to aa photo, while my design background gives me the fundamental understanding of color theory and image composition to create visually appealing photos.


Photography Style

Instagram filters are great… for instagram, but no one wants to look back in the years to come and cringe at the memories they invested in because a trendy editing style has made their images look dated. I strive to create images that are clean and timeless, and highlight the beauty of the moment. My motto is “natural never goes out of style!” I want to create photos that highlight the natural beauty in a moment and make the subjects feel like their best selves.