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In the summer of 2016 I was painting in a coffee shop and thought about how neat it would be for a stranger in a coffee shop to find a piece of art that someone had left. This sparked an entire movement that I titled #ArtDropNC. I have developed this into a social media-based movement all across North Carolina. #ArtDropNC brings art to people's everyday lives that tells the finder to post a photo and tag the artist on social media. Artists leave their original art around NC with a card attached. I have hopes that #ArtDropNC will grow to become a well known movement in NC and that many people will be surprised with free art in unexpected places.


Copied from ArtDropNC's Facebook page about section:

Art is great. It's what makes life interesting. The only problem is the art world has become somewhat exclusive. Only those involved in the arts get the privilege of experiencing art on a regular basis. #ArtDropNC wants to change that.
#ArtDropNC's mission is to bring art into people's everyday lives with the intentions of brightening someone's day. 

Q: How Does it Work?
A: Artists leave their original works in unexpected locations all around North Carolina. Whoever stumbles upon a piece can keep the art or hide it again for someone else to find!

Q:You found an #ArtDropNC piece, what now? 
A: It's yours to keep! If you have social media, snap a pic and use #ArtDropNC and tag the @Handle of the artist! You may even be featured on the @ArtDropNC Facebook or Insta!

Q: I'm an artist. Can I participate?
A: Yes!! The only thing that keeps #ArtDropNC alive is artists so we are always wanting more people to participate. Artists of all skill levels and media are encouraged make #ArtDropNC pieces and leave them around NC. 

Q: How do I make an #ArtDropNC piece?
A: Pieces can be any material, any size, any subject. These are often quick sketches or warm up paintings. They can also be stickers and reproductions of your own original work. Before you leave your work somewhere, be sure to either attach one of our cards or write a short description of what #ArtDropNC is. A good example is: 
"You've found an #ArtDropNC piece! This art is yours to keep. Tag @artistname and #ArtDropNC on Instagram. Check out @ArtDropNC for more info!"
Be sure to leave you Instagram handle (if you have one) and #ArtDropNC on the back of your work!

Q: Where can I leave #ArtDropNC pieces?
There are infinite places for for artwork to be left. Great places include coffee shops, local bookstores, school campuses, parks, and public places. Bad places include private property, state parks, and anywhere it may be mistaken for merchandise or trash.

Q: How can I get some ArtDropNC cards? 
A: Message us! We'll send you 20 cards for free as long as shipping is under $3! If you are a business or art community that would like to help us grow and would like more than 20 cards, we're happy to send more! 

#ArtDropNC is nonprofit and our only goals are to grow the movement and brighten people's days.